The Prince of This World

I wrote a piece on Christianity, the Devil, and Anti-Blackness over at as a part of their book event on Adam Kotsko's, The Prince of This World. For the full piece head on over to AUFS, here's an excerpt.

Mark Sawyer, Presente!

I learned today of Mark Sawyer's passing. I never got to meet him but I imagined many a conversation. He was often in my mind as his words and political theorizations helped me on my way from community organizer to activist-intellectual. And while he wrote many brilliant works, his Du Bois's Double Consciousness versus Latin American Exceptionalism: Joe Arroyo, Salsa, and Negritude made such an impression on me as an undergraduate that it remains a touchstone for my dissertation. It is one of the finest works of Black Political theory I have ever read. His voice held me up at times where I despaired at the hostility toward engaging the entanglement of Black Latin American and Caribbean with a global Black Political. And continue hold us up it will. Descansa en poder hermano.


I'm going to write one blog post a day for the month of November. I'm not really sure why, but I do know that I do want to do it. I'll try to point to something interesting each time, but I mainly want to see what its like to do this consistently for a month. What will I learn or discover?

Auden on the True Task of the Critic

Lots of great insight that far exceeds the bounds of "simple" criticism.

  1. Introduce me to authors or works of which I was hitherto unaware.
  2. Convince me that i have undervalued an author or a work because I had not read them carefully enough.
  3. Show me relations between works of different ages and cultures which I could never have seen for myself because I do not know enough and never shall.
  4. Give a “reading” of a work which increases my understanding of it.
  5. Throw light upon the process of artistic “Making.”
  6. Throw light upon the relation of art to life, to science, economics, ethics, religion, etc.

From Brain Pickings:  Auden on the True Task of the Critic, What It Really Means to Be a Scholar, and Why Malevolent Reviews Are Bad for Character

So I would answer you by saying, first, that I am trying, precisely, to put myself at a point so that I do not know any longer where I am going.
- Jacques Derrida

I am nobody/
who are you/
are you nobody too?/
Then there's a pair of us/
shh don't tell/they'd banish us you know/
How dismal to be somebody/
how dismal like a frog/
to tell your name the live long day/
to an admiring bog

—Emily Dickinson